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Board games in Portugal

The Moliceiro Game


The Molicieiro Game  is a table game that is played with two or more players. Each player advances his token in a spiral-shaped tray with 63 houses. The houses are numbered from 1 to 63 and there is a drawing on each.

Depending on the square on which you fall, you can advance or reverse, and there are houses that you can receive a punishment. In turns, each player throws two dice that indicate the number of houses that have to advance.


The Moliceiro boat

In the boxes 5, 9, 14, 18, 23, 27, 32, 36, 41, 45, 50, 54, and 58, the Moliceiro boat is drawn. When you fall into one of these houses, you can advance to the next

House with a Moliceiro Boat and play.


The bridge of Minhoteira

In the house 6 there is a bridge: when falling in this house you should go back to house 1.


The City Hall - Pinheiro da Bemposta

In house 19 is a photograph of the Municipality and falling on this house, you won’t play one time.


The dice

In the houses 26 and 53 are the dice: if you fall into one of these two houses, you should play again.


The grandmother's well - Pinheiro da Bemposta

The photograph of the well is on the house 31; by falling on this house you can not play again until another player passes through that house.


The pedestrian route – Kings Way

On the house 42 there is a photograph of a pedestrian route: when you reach this house you are forced to go back to house 30.


The train station - Pinheiro da Bemposta

The railway station is in house  52; falling in this box means two turns without playing.


The Pillory - Pinheiro da Bemposta

The house 59 is the "house of Pillory- a  dead end ": when falling in this house you will have to return to the house 1.


The first player arriving at the house 63 wins the game – it is called "The Moliceiro Pier”

Board games in Poland

Puss in Boots

A board game for 2-4 players aged 8 years and upwards

Contents of the Game: 1 game board, 4 counters, 1 dice, game instruction


The main goal of this game is to participate in the adventures of Puss in Boots and to be the first to get to the Castle (field 80). Players move their counters on the board; some fields delay or speed up the Puss in its march to the castle.

Before the game:

All players select counters. The youngest participant starts the game. Other players toss the dice in the clockwise direction, to establish the playing order (throwing “six” means that you are next). At the beginning of the game, all the counters are placed on the field 1. Throwing a “six” during the game means throwing the dice again.


Special spaces on the board:

1. Game start

8. You have caught a rabbit- calculate the perimeter of the square-shaped base of the cage, where the Puss in Boots keeps the rabbit’s snack. Try the formula:

P=4cm+4cm+4cm+4cm. (P=4x4cm). If you are correct (P=16cm) you toss the dice again. If your answer is wrong- you lose your turn.

14. The King has warmly welcomed you. He accepted your gift. You wait one turn, because he invited you for a feast.

15. You hunted three times. Each time you caught 3 partridges. How many birds did the Puss in Boots take to the King? If you are correct, move your counter 9 fields forward. (The answer is 3x3=9). If you are wrong, move your counter 9 fields backwards.

20. You left your hat when visiting the King. Go back to start, field 1.

Puss in Boots encourages the Miller to swim in the river. The swim takes a quarter. If you know how many minutes a quarter lasts, move your counter to the field 30. If you are wrong, move 2 fields back.

33. Everything is according to the plan. Go 5 fields forward.

34. The Miller, the King and the Princess are heading into the Ogre’s Castle. It takes three quarters. How many minutes is it? If you are correct, go to the field 38.(The answer is 45 minutes). If you are wrong, you lose one turn.

46. You reached the Ogre’s Castle; however you were talking with him for a while. You have to wait one turn.

56. The Ogre turns into a lion. You are so scared that you move 8 fields back.

60. The Ogre turns into a mouse. Puss in Boots eats the mouse. You have an extra toss.

80. Puss in Boots waits for the Miller and the King in the castle. Move in into the Ogre’s castle and finish the game.

You are allowed to move your counter on the field 80 when you throw the exact number of the fields you are away from the finish. You are the winner when you are the first on the field 80. Other players continue playing for places 2-4.

Board games in Croatia

Templates for board games were created by our Art group.

Board games Croatia.jpg

All our games are available in our Collection of Numeracy Activities

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