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Europe Day, 9th May 2018

in Poland

Europe Day in Cyprus

Europe Day in Romania

Europe day- third grade, School no.1 Independenta, teacher Antoneta Antigona Ene.

Europe Day, 6th grade, teacher Gorea Diana Mirela.

EU day in Romania by 7th graders

9th of May, Europe day-third grade, School no.2, Independenta, teacher Ana-Maria Stegaru.

Europe Day in Italy

The school celebrated Europe's day by creating a special pedal car and taking part to a town competition within the Erasmus + project "Ride to learn in Europe".

Europe Day in Croatia

Europe Day in Croatia: How much do you know about our Erasmus+ partner countries? Kahoot quiz by teachers Ivanka Novak and Branka Lamza.

For more details about our activities, visit our Twinspace I

and Twinspace II

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