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TPM Italy

20-24 May 2018

Sunday, 20th May 2018: Partners arriving in Italy



It's time for our fourth meeting - after the initial meeting in Croatia and two LTTAs in Portugal and the UK, it's time for the coordinators and other team members to gather once again and look back at all the activities done so far, as well as to make plans for the following year. This time the host is Instituto Comprensivo Faenza ˝San Rocco˝. 

Monday, 21st May 2018: Welcome to Instituto Comprensivo Faenza San Rocco!


All the participants of the TPM gather at school for the welcoming speech by the headmistress Mrs Tronconi and the head of the local Department for Education. The hosts take the guests for a tour around school, to make them familiar with all the activities done there. It's extremely inspiring to observe exhibition of students' work: educational posters, drawings, paintings, crafts... The guests are even welcome to visit some classes, e.g. the Music class where they get to hear an excellent performance by the choir of Instituto San Rocco, conducted by their teacher. Another remarkable moment is the show by Flag Wavers in their medieval uniforms, presenting an important part of Faenza's tradition. The afternoon is dedicated to the first part of the meeting.

TPM Italy

TPM Italy

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Tuesday, 22nd May 2018: Visit to the International Museum of Ceramic in Faenza; Medieval evening

After the activities at school, it's time for a visit to the town centre and the International Museum of Ceramics. This exceptional museum was  founded in 1908 and now it preserves more than 60.000 ceramics, from antiquity to nowadays. This is an occasion to find out why Faenza is considered the home of ceramics.

Faenza also boasts landmarks of medieval culture, which was incentive for the hosts to prepare a medieval dinner, which we all enjoy very much.