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Wednesday, 4th October 2017: Croatia is expecting all the project participants anxiously!

The guests are arriving for the first meeting... A cultural tour around Zagreb is organized for the ones arriving in the morning. The others will have a chance to see landmarks of Zagreb on Sunday. Everybody arrives in Čakovec (hotel Park) around 9:30 pm.

Thursday, 5th October 2017: TPM Day 1

After breakfast the participants ago for a cultural tour around Čakovec: The Old Town, Zrinski Park, Saint Nicolas' Church and other landmarks in the town centre. At 12 o'clock there is a welcoming programme at the host school (II. osnovna škola Čakovec). The guests are welcomed by the headmaster. After that, they enjoy a short programme by Croatian students: Dance Group, Folk Dance Group, song and video presenting the school. Everybody has lunch at school. 

The whole afternoon is dedicated to the meeting. Branka Lamza, a project coordinator, presents the host school Erasmus+ team consisting of 9 teachers. Two Croatian students (grade 7) hold a short presentation about Croatia.

All the school coordinators hold presentations about their schools. In the following part of the meeting, the coordinator from the host school presents the evaluation of the project received from the Croatian Agency in July. Activities for October and November are planned.

Friday, 6th October 2017: TPM Day 2

After breakfast the second part of TPM is held. The partners discuss activities in December, January, February and March.

At 10 o'clock the bus is there to take all the teams and the whole staff of the host school on an educational trip around the County of Međimurje. They visit the traditional watermill at the river of Mura, interactive exhibition ˝A Day In Life of a Miller˝ and the Church of Saint Jerome in Štrigova. Lunch and dinner are organized at a traditional guesthouse.

Saturday, 7th October 2017: TPM Day 3


After breakfast, the third part of TPM is held. The partners discuss activities in April, May and June. They set the dates for meetings in the school year 2017/18.

At 10 o'clock all the teams set off on an educational trip to the castle of Trakošćan and the city of Varaždin, including lunch at Trakošćan.

After the trip, at 6 pm, The Evening of Astronomy is thrown at the host school. The participants have a chance to listen to a lecture about Space, see an exhibition of photographs of planets taken with a special camera, as well as observe planets and starts with two telescopes prepared in the schoolyard. The evening is organized by Gordan Bartolić, a Technical Science teacher.

Sunday, 8th October 2017: Croatia is saying goodbye to all the participants!

Some teams leave in the morning and a cultural tour around Zagreb is organized for the teams leaving in the evening. It is The Independence Day - a very important holiday in Croatia! The guests leave Croatia with positive impressions about the country!

Photos: Zoi Kaouri, Marian Ochianu, Gordan Bartolić

In the previous part you read the report by the Croatian coordinator. Now, let's find out about the other participants' impressions...


Three employees of our school - the headmaster and two teachers - took part in the TPM meeting in Croatia. During this meeting, the principles of cooperation and the tasks set for implementation during the first year of the project were established. We had the opportunity to get to know each other, but also to cooperate schools. The friendly and cordial atmosphere of the host school facilitated contacts and fostered a better understanding. A big thank you to Branka and her colleagues.


Two members of the project travelled to Croatia (Coordinator and the Deputy Headmaster). Both were very happy to meet all partners and think that this TPM is very important for the development of the project. They were very satisfied with the welcoming and organization of the TPM by the Coordinating Country, especially the Coordinator Branka Lamza and her colleagues. Thank you!



Three members of staff travelled to Croatia for our first TPM. It was lovely to meet the staff from our partner schools for the first time and to get to know each other. We received a very warm welcome from staff and students and had the chance to not only plan out the first year of activities, but to visit Cakovec and explore the local area. Thank you to Branka and her colleagues.



Three members of the project team travelled to Croatia, Cakovec, for our first planned TPM. We noticed the diversity of cultural backgrounds among participants and the lively discussions that took place throughout the meeting created a better mutual understanding between us.  During this TPM we planned the schedule for the first year activities and LTTAs.   

We appreciated the warm welcoming of the hosting staff, the variety of the activities which were organised, ordinary but fruitful workshops, but also the possibility to discover Cakovec and the beautiful surrounding area. It was a pleasure to be part of this great experience which gave us courage, hope and joy.

CROATIA 08 10 17 (18).jpg


Between 4 and 8 October, a meeting was held in Croatia to organize and plan the current year. Cyprus was represented by Mrs Zoe Kaouri and Mrs Marianna Antoniadou. "It was a very useful trip for all of us. We met new people, made new friends and been through an amazing experience. Čakovec is a city with a rich history. Croatian colleagues are friendly, helpful and hospitable.  This is a wonderful project, I am glad to be a part of it.” Zoi Kaouri "This project has been a great experience for me. We have worked with new people, had days out and excursions. If you get a chance to get involved in an Erasmus+ project do not miss it for your life, I would say. Go for it! Now I am looking forward to another wonderful Erasmus experience.” 



Three members of the project travelled to Croatia ( Coordinator, the Headmistress and a teacher of the primary school). We travelled by car and so we could appreciate the beauty of the surrounding region.The organization of the TPM was excellent; we were warmly welcomed by  the staff of the school in Cakovec. We were very excited and curious to meet all the partners of this project. There, we planned the program for the first year of this project and we could observe the different activities of the Croatian students, the organization of their school.

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