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LTTA Romania,

14-20 October 2018

Sunday, 14th October 2018

Scoala Gimnaziala nr. 1, Independenta is the host of our third LTTA. Teachers from Italy, Cyprus, Poland, Portugal, UK and Croatia arrive in Romania, to spend the first night in Bucharest. Before going to Independenta all the participants will go for a cultural visit to the Romanian capital.

Monday, 15th October 2018

In the morning the bus is waiting for all the participants in front of the hotel in Bucharest. We go for a cultural tour around the city centre: Romanian Athenaeum, Central University Library of Bucharest and Carol I statue, National Bank of Romania, Odeon Theatre are some of the landmarks we visit. The last part of the visit to Bucharest is dedicated to the most famous landmark of Romania: the Palace of the Parliament,  the second largest administrative building in the world. In the late afternoon we set off to our destination, the easternmost part of Romania - Galati.

Tuesday, 16th October 2018: Welcoming programme; Teacher meeting; Art workshop

After spending the night at the hotel on the bank of the beautiful Danube River in Galati, it is time to visit the host school - Scoala Gimnaziala nr. 1, Independenta.  At the entrance there are students wearing traditional clothes, serving bread and salt - a traditional Romanian custom expressing hospitality, showing that the guest is welcomed. What a lovely way to get to know about Romanian tradition! Pairs of Romanian students take guests around school. We all have a chance to visit each class and greet with all students and teachers. 

After the school visit the headmistress Mihaela Mihailescu takes guests for a visit to a local museum, presenting exhibits from life in the past of the village.

Everybody is looking forward to a welcoming ceremony, taking place at the local culture centre. After the opening speeches by the headmistess of the host school, Branka Lamza, the project coordinator and the representative of the parents, the show begins. The hosts have worked hard to prepare a welcoming programme consisting of songs, dances and traditions from all the participant countries. Congratulations!

After the welcoming programme we head for a meeting with local authorities. The mayor shares with us information about the village, stressing the importance of the role of Scoala Gimnaziala Nr 1 in the local community.

The afternoon is reserved for the coordinator meeting where the plan for the following year is discussed. The coordinator presents the outline of activities, reminding partners of their tasks. In some countries partners have to submit the interim report, in some there is desk monitoring. All the activities go well, according to the plan. There is one more LTTA, taking place in Cyprus in March and the final meeting in Poland. 

After the meeting teachers participate in the art worshop led by Italian teacher Monica Foschi. The task is to take a paintbrush and watercolours and gather around a painting canvas. The workshop leader starts playing the music as the participants paint whatever the music inspires them to paint. When the music changes, each participant must move one place to the right and continue painting what the previous participant had started. A very inspiring activity!

Wednesday, 17th October 2018: Lesson observation - teaching by Romanian, Cypriot, Croatian, Italian and Polish teachers

Participants are divided into groups to observe lessons by teachers from five countries: French, Maths, English. From each lesson there is something new to learn. After lunch there is an interesting workshop held by Adriana Lefter, a teacher trainer, eTwinning and Scientix Ambassador in Romania. The topics are Scientix platform - STEM resources; STEM in primary school; How teachers use STEM methodology in daily school life? and STEM in eTwinning projects. After interesting workshops all the participants head for a guided tour around Galati, to get to know landmarks of this beautiful city on the banks of the Danube.

Thursday, 18th October 2018: Lesson observation - teaching by Portuguese and English teachers; Teacher training activities - Multiple Intelligence Theory

Participants are again divided into groups to observe lessons, this time an Art lesson by Theresa from Portugal and a Maths lesson by Emma from the UK. Again two very interesting lessons, with a lot of new teaching ideas. Today the guest at school is Octavian Patraşcu, a school inspector at the County School Inspectorate and a teacher trainer. The topic of the workshops is the Multiple Intelligence Theory. Teachers get actively involved in drama, writing and construction workshops, acquiring ideas for their future classes and projects. The workshops are followed by an interactive presentation and panel discussion about the Romanian school system. It is very interesting for all the participants to compare educational system in their coutries to the Romanian one. After the day at school we all go for a boat ride on the Danube River in Galati, learning about natural treasures of the region of Moldova.