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Legend “Our Lady of La-SaLette”


In 1870, the people from Oliveira de Azeméis prayed for rain in a very dry and hot Summer, in a pilgrimage to the Mountain Crasto, and promised in return to build a chapel in honor of our Lady La- Salette. As they reached the top of the Mountain it started to rain and so the Chapel was built by the end of the XIX century.

The statue of Our lady was worshiped by many local people and pilgrims. But the local authorities were very worried with local robberies, for the Statue of Our Lady La Salette had a golden ring in one of her fingers, so they hired a night guard.

In the early hours in August 11th, 1908, a thief entered and tried to steel the ring, but it didn´t come out and accidently he broke Our lady’s finger. The guard heard the noise and seeing a shadow near Our lady, fired a gunshot, that hit the finger of the thief. This one was the same finger he broke from the Statue.

The thief fled, but his finger is kept in a jar inside the chapel for everyone to see. No one else ever tried to steal anything from the Chappel. People say that our Lady of La Salette protects it. In August still today Our Lady is celebrated with festivities that last for a week, in her honor.

EASTER FESTIVITY – “Jump the River”

“Jump the River” or “Easter Fair” is a Traditional Festivity in Loureiro, during Easter time, left by the Arab passage in Portugal during the VIII and X dc century. On every Easter Monday this festivity takes place.

It began with a contest of donkeys that were forced to jump over a small stream that passes through Loureiro. The owners could exhibit the physical abilities of the animals. On this day people sold their donkeys and mules.

This tradition is part of the religious pilgrimage of Easter time. A big fair is set on this day at the centre of the village. There is eating, drinking and dancing by the sound of traditional Folklore music.

Nowadays, the tradition has been replaced by a horse race, no donkeys or mules are sold anymore and prizes are given by the Municipality to the best horses.

Traditions in Portugal

Traditions in Portugal

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The way we decided to pay tribute to the tradition is learning about and playing games that used to played in times when there was no expensive toys and modern gadgets. We invited Mrs Vuk, who wrote a book about traditional games to teach us...

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