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LTTA Portugal,

25 February - 3 March 2018

Sunday, 25th February 2018: Portugal is hosting the first LTTA in our project! 

Agrupamento de escolas Loureiro is hosting our first LTTA! Participants arriving earlier in the day are going sightseeing Porto. It's a beautiful sunny day, while in the rest of Europe it's snowing. In the evening we all gather at the place where we're about to stay until next Saturday - hotel Tulip Inn in Estarreja.

Monday, 26th February 2018:

Wecome to Loureiro School; Teaching by Croatia; Workshop on apps, part I

At 9 o'clock we leave the hotel to go to Loureiro School. At 9:30 there is a welcoming programme: school choir and a presentation by the headmaster Vasco Vaz. The guests give their presents to the hosts: a little something to remind the hosts of their countries.

Pairs of students take teams around the school. 

At 12:00 there is the first lesson to observe: Branka from the Croatian team teaches an English lesson to Portuguese 8th graders. The topic is friendship. 

Lunch at school is delicious because it had been prepared by Portuguese students within their cookery lessons.

In the afternoon there is a workshop where participants learn about apps for the classrooms: this time they learn how to create interactive quizzes using Socrative.

Tuesday, 27th February 2018:

Wecome to Pinheiro de Bemposta School; Teaching by Cyprus; Session on the Mobility Tool; Cultural visit to Aveiro

At 8:15 we leave the hotel to go to another of the two schools of "agrupamento": Pinheiro de Pemposta School. At 9:15 there is a welcoming programme: again a great programme by the school choir - flutes and songs in Portuguese and English. Pairs of students take teams around the school. 

At 10:00 there is the second lesson to observe: Koula from the Cypriot team teaches Maths to Portuguese 4th graders. The children are taught about the coordinate system in a very interesting way: there are a lot of games, song and dance.

After the lesson the partners have a session on the Mobility Tool where important issues on submitting reports to National Agencies are discussed. One of the most important ones is that some countries are required to submit interim reports while some are not. However, it is important to keep all the information in the Tool up-to-date.

After lunch a cultural visit to Aveiro is organized. It is rainy, but we don't mind. An experienced guide, a native of Aveiro, takes the group for a cultural visit around the city.

Wednesday, 28th February 2018:

Teaching by Italy, Poland and Romania; Workshop on apps, part II

At 8:20 we leave the hotel to go to Loureiro School.

At 09:15 Elisabetta from the Italian team teaches 4th graders English. The children learn to ask and answer about places as well as names of some world landmarks.

At 11 o'clock Martina and Tomasz from Poland teach a lesson on two topics: animals and recycling. A lot of pictures, miming and songs are used and children enjoy it very much.

At 12 o'clock Elena Christina from Romania teaches maths to Portuguese 6th graders. They revise fractions and decimal numbers by playing interesting board games.

After lunch there is a workshop on apps by professor Paulo Jorge Azevedo. Participants learn how to use different apps, such as Kahoot, QR Code Reader, PhotoMath, Padlet, Geogebra...

Thursday, 1st March 2018:

Teaching by UK; Workshop on apps, part III

At 8:20 we leave the hotel to go to Pinheiro/Travanca School.

At 09:15 Martin from the UK team teaches Maths to 3rd graders. The task is to solve a magic square - children use different combinations of numbers to calculate the same result: 34. They enjoy it very much.

After the last lesson to observe partners have a meeting where Croatia, Portugal and Italy present activities completed in their countries so far.

After lunch partipants have another workshop on apps. They learn about Emaze, Powtoon, Animaker and Kizoa. They also present their animated video, slideshows and presentations.

Friday, 2nd March 2018: 

Coordinators' meeting; Cultural visit to Porto


At 08:45 we leave the hotel to go to Loureiro School. Romania, Cyprus, UK and Poland present project activities completed at their schools so far.

At coordinators' meeting we discuss activities to be done by the end of the school year. The following LTTA (in the UK) is planned: UK team gives proposals for accommodation in Durham. The agenda is discussed in details.

After the official part at school we set off on a cultural visit to Porto. On our way we stop at the beach in Aveiro. The Atlantic Ocean is beautiful!

In Porto, we visit Livraria Lello, one of the oldest bookshops in Portugal and one of the most

famous ones in the whole world.

We also visit Sé do Porto - the Porto Cathedral and other beautiful historical sights of the city.

Saturday, 3rd March 2018: Departures

We're leaving the hotel for the Porto airport. Goodbye Portugal and thank you for everything! 

Photos: Marian Ochianu, Branka Lamza


In the previous part you read the report by the Croatian coordinator. Now, let's find out about the other participants' impressions...


Two teachers from our school participated in the LTTA meeting in Portugal. They had the opportunity to learn, observe lessons, participate in workshops on applications and digital technology and experience Porto and the surrounding area. Particularly,they benefited from workshops on apps for the classroom: Socrative, Kahoot, QR Code Reader, PhotoMath, Padlet, Geogebra, Emaze, Powtoon, Animaker, Kizoa...and we all use some of them to our class activities, such as the use of the kahoot, Powtoon and QR Code. Also, Koulla and her bee-bots really enjoyed teaching Maths to a very well behaved and enthusiastic class of children. Thank you to Angela and her colleagues.


Three teachers from our school took part to the LTTA meeting in Portugal. It was a very intensive and rich week. We learnt a lot about new technologies and we brought home some very useful tips which were then applied to some of our class activities, such as the use of the QR Code, and many others. It was also very interesting to attend to lessons taken by other colleagues from the partner schools as well as being involved in teaching ourselves. We had a great welcome from the Portuguese partners, we also had the opportunity to visit and explore some interesting areas.



Three teachers from our school participated in the LTTA meeting in Portugal. We had the opportunity to learn, observe lessons, participate in workshops on applications and digital technology and experience Porto and the surrounding area. The lessons conducted by our teachers were a very interesting experience. Extremely nice and cordial atmosphere of the meeting allowed to get to know each other better. Thank you, Angela and her colleagues.


Four teachers from our school participated to our first LTTA for teachers, in Portugal, Loureiro, 25th of February to 3rd of March,  Agrupamento de escolas Loureiro being our great host. It was a very well organised meeting, full of different activities, starting with an welcoming meeting with the staff and the headmaster, also with the students who sang  for us in Portuguese and English. A guided by students tour of the school was organised, during it we noticed the classes, the infrastructure and the schedule of the whole school. Every day programme included lessons’ visits in the morning and training course within Digital Apps (Socrative, Kahoot, QR Code Reader, Padlet, Emaze, Powtoon, Animaker, Kizoa etc) in the afternoon.  A big challenge for us was to teach to Portuguese students. We prepared a Math lesson for students from 6th grade. Also, very interesting lessons we observed taught by the teachers from all teams. Our hosts organised also short cultural visits in Aveiro and Porto in order to understand better the cultural individuality of Portugal. We enjoyed historical landmarks, the Portuguese kitchen but also natural beauties such as the view of the Atlantic Ocean. Angela and Portugal team - thank you for the wonderful meeting!



Once again we had a great welcome from our Portuguese friends to our first LTTA. 3 members of staff visited and had the opportunity to teach, observe lessons, take part in workshops focusing on Apps and digital technology and experience Porto and the surrounding areas. Martin really enjoyed teaching Maths to a very well behaved and enthusiastic class of children and we all felt that it was lovely to share teaching ideas and show how we would deliver lessons back home to our children. It is also very interesting to compare education systems and our staff enjoyed the visit and disseminating the information to our colleagues in England. Thank you to Angela and her colleagues.

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